Subject Re: [IBO] Inc-search on 2 or more fields
Author pepmallorca
> > One last question concerning the indexes. I have Index1 on NAME,
Index2 on
> > and Index3 on NAME and CITY and I do a locate like
> > Locate('NAME;CITY', VarArrayOf(['Media
> Markt','Frankfurt']),[loCaseInsensitive])
> >
> > Which Index will be used ? I guess Index3, is this correct ?

I suppose in your case it uses the INDEX3 (because it begins the
NAME;CITY starts with NAME).

For the best performance I THINK you should create andother index,
and if you don't need the others, you can delete the 3 old index.



If, for a NAME you have a little number of CITIes possibly you don't
need it, and your INDEX1 is good.

But if, for a NAME you have a lot of CITIes, I think you must use
INDEX TABLE(NAME,CITY). Is the same case as you have a table with a
unique NAME, and you have a lot of CITIes.

Do you create a index for CITY? or no?

I think is the same problem !!!

This is the theory... But the monitor gives you the answer....

Now, two simple questions, about this:

1) When Jason sais that 'depend if HDR is enabled'. What's HDR?
2) Is a simple question. But how can I show monitor in execution
time? I see the ordering plan, but only when I'm creating the QUERY,
with the IB_DSQL, or when I'm creating a Query, for example.