Subject Re: [IBO] Inc-search on 2 or more fields
Author Jason Wharton
It all depends.
I don't directly make use of indexes but if HDR is enabled it will depend on
what you are ordering the query by. Also, if it does a specific cursor
looking for a value's existence or not it may parse together another SQL.

If you want to know what indexes are being used for operations your best bet
is to watch things using the SQL trace monitor.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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> > No, you cannot.
> > Use Locate() with HDR and you will have excellent results just the same.
> >
> One last question concerning the indexes. I have Index1 on NAME, Index2 on
> and Index3 on NAME and CITY and I do a locate like
> Locate('NAME;CITY', VarArrayOf(['Media
> Which Index will be used ? I guess Index3, is this correct ?
> Guido