Subject [IBO] TIBO: IndexFieldNames and empty column
Author Enrico Raviglione
i have a TIBOTable displayed into a DBGrid, i can change the order of my
data cliccking on the grid column title (like native TIB_GRID do).

One of this column have some record = NULL.

If i set the ordering on that column all the records with value=NULL are not
displayed (like the SELECT have a WHERE column NOT NULL clause).

Anhoter problem are:
If i set the descending order on that column then i go to the end of the
file (using the navigator >> button) all the contens of the grid disappear
like an empty table.

If i order the same column in ascending order i can go to First or Last
record and i can alwias see my table data (not the record with column=NULL).

The TIBOTable have AutoFetchAll = false;

If Autofetch is true all work fine (but are to much expensive in time
setting this for all Table/Query).

Enrico Raviglione.