Subject Re: [IBO] Yahoo Crap
> > My own problem with Yahoo is the continual
> > attempts to connect when THEY try to download
> > advertising crap.
> Turn off HTML in your user profile or subscription details.
> When you turn it off, only 1 in 100 emails will accidentally still be
> HTML, but that's not insufferable.

IBO is actually quite good - we have people trained well,
but some of the other lists are not so well 'protected', and
I get a number of HTML posts from them every day. The
problem is that I am trying to suport IBO users on
FastReport and else where.

What got my goat this morning was an number of eMails for
older eMail addresses I have used with yahoo only. These
eMails caused the usual attempt to connect, but they then
tried to re-connect again whilst I was killing them. They
were advertising a new yahoo service, so they can't even
claim it was not them!

The problem is pure yahoo, they removed the 'text only'
option simply because all they bought eGroups for was to
spam its users. It is about time we took action to remove
this agro, which is a pity because eGroups was a VERY NICE
setup, but money corrupts.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services