Subject Re: [IBO] Yahoo Crap
Author Daniel Rail
At 08/03/2002 11:24 AM, you wrote:
> > I am perfectly content with Yahoo Groups. I think we all probably have
> > better things to do than to replace something that works well. I am
> > subscribed to several of their groups, so a replacement for just one of
> > them will only make things more complicated for me.
>Do you have a permanent internet connection?

Yes I do. And, I use a firewall, Zone Alarm from Zone Labs. I used it
even on dial-ups and you couldn't imagine how many time it was blocking an
attempt to connect to my computer from the outside. It's also easy to
configure, it's basically as you use it for the applications.

>My own problem with Yahoo is the continual attempts to
>connect when THEY try to download advertising crap.

Are you using the text only option for the e-mails from the group? I know
I was fed up with the banner ads, so I switched to text only. I don't know
if this could be the problem. At least, with text there's no scripting in
the e-mail.

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