Subject Inc-search on 2 or more fields
I have a my own IP_LocateEdit-Control derived from IB_LocateEdit, which
I can link together and then I can search on 2 or more fields. A small
example: I have a customers-table with the fields name and city, on
which I can search with my IP_LocateEdits. When I enter 'Media markt' in
the the first LocateEdit, the cursor jumps to the first customer with
the name 'Media Markt'. Then I enter 'Frankfurt' in the second
LocateEdit and the cursor jumps to the first customer 'Media Markt' in
'Frankfurt'. Internal I create a Locate-command like this:
Locate('NAME;CITY', VarArrayOf(['Media Markt',
Is it possible to achieve the same behaviour with Inc-Search ?