Subject TIB_Events crashes server
Author fabiano_bonin
I have seven RedHat 7.1 servers running FB RC2, all of them with the
same hardware. They are installed on my customers, and i access them
via DSL.

My application is made with Delphi 5 and IBObjects 4.2Ga.

Some days ago i included a TIB_Events in my datamodule and, when i
connect to six servers everything goes ok. When i connect to the
seventh, the FB server crashes. If i just remove the TIB_Events from
the application, i can connect to this server, too.

My TIB_Events is connected to a TIBODatabase.

I'm trying to connect to all server from my own machine (Windows
2000, but i tryed with a machine running Windows 98 and just that
server crashed, too).

The error message is:

Unable to complete network request to host "hostname"
Failed to estabilish a secondary connection for event processing.

Somebody knows what is happening?