Subject Re: Master-Master Insert
Author ehandbury
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> At 05:38 AM 07-03-02 +0000, you wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> > I have two tables:
> > AGENT - which stores all info specific to the real estate agent
> > PERSON - stores all personal info of everyone
> >
> > Since the AGENT is also a PERSON, I have to add to both tables
> >I want to add an AGENT.
> Yes indeed - the easy and proper way to do this is to have TWO
> linked in a master-detail joined datasets are
> necessary or desirable. Your master set is a select from the
> table. Your detail set (from the Agent table) uses its
Mastersource and
> Masterlinks properties to connect to the master and IBO takes care
of the
> rest. You don't need any funny UpdateSQL or storedprocedures or

The problem with this 1:1 master-detail relationship is that both
datasets must be put into insert mode when the user hits the '+'
button. If PERSON is the master, then no problem. But when is the
AGENT dataset put into insert mode? This is where I have been having