Subject ANN: EMS HiTech is now an official reseller of IB Objects!
Author Vadim Vinokur
Hi All,

EMS HiTech Company, which is the producer of such tools for SQL servers as
QuickDesk and MySQL Manager and such database management components as
QuickExport, QueryBuilder and QuickImport, is glad to announce that now it
is the official reseller of Jason Wharton's IB Objects.

Check out for more information.

Why purchase IB Objects from our site?

Purchasing IB Objects bundles and modules from our site you will get our
components EMS QuickExport and EMS QueryBuilder absolutely FREE. QuickExport
and QueryBuilder are powerful database components, which allow you to export
data to as many as 12 most popular formats and build SQL queries visually.
You may receive TDataset or TIB_Dataset versions, source-included or not -
that will depend on the amount of your purchase. We are sure that these
components will help you working with IB Objects a lot.

Welcome to for making a
great deal!

Best Regards,
EMS HiTech team