Subject v.4.2Fp TIBOStoredProc different Params don´t work
Author Uwe Cramer
i use a procedure/generator to get print numbers
( TIBOStoredProc.Name = get_print_nr ) see the code below.

the param DELTA is used to get values without generator inc/dec (0) or with
generator inc/dec (-1) (+10)
when i use it the first time with DELTA=0 all following calls with DELTA <>
0 results like DELTA=0.
when i use it the first time with DELTA=1 all following calls with DELTA <>
1 results like DELTA=1.
in other words, the DELTA param is ignored after the first execute.
thanks Uwe

get_print_nr.ParamByName('PAR_NAME').asString := uppercase(Edit.Name) ;

get_print_nr.ParamByName('MIN_NR').asInteger := min ;
get_print_nr.ParamByName('MAX_NR').asInteger := max ;
get_print_nr.ParamByName('DELTA_NR').asInteger := delta ;
edit.intValue := get_print_nr.parambyName('PRINT_NR').asInteger;