Subject [IBO] Datapump: modify the value of a field before write in destination table.
Author Mirko's
I use a TIB_DataPump object in order to pump data from an IB6 database
to another IB6 database, the structure of the table are identical.
I need to change the value of some field before write that in the
table (I read italian Lire and I want write Euro).
In the documentation of TIB_DataPump I read this:
Use the AfterFetchRow event to finish assigning values to the input
parameters that need customized attention.
Can somebody explayn what I have to do?
I try doing this in the AfterFetchRow of the datapump object:

SrcTable['FIELD1'] := LireToEuroFunction(SrcTable['FIELD1']);
DstTable['FIELD1'] := LireToEuroFunction(SrcTable['FIELD1']);

but I get no reult.
Thank You.
Mirko Guidolin