Subject Searching on form show
Author stanw1950
Jason - this is just a suggestion.

Our (tabbed) app has around 30 screens that users can click to. The
record that they are on in one screen usually includes a field that
needs to be current when they go to another screen. For example, if
the user is in the order screen, the order has a part number. If they
jump to the part screen, that part number (from the part table) needs
to be the record they see when the screen shows. When they see the
part screen, they need to be able to search for any part number.
Thus, the screen needs to do a search before the user sees it. I
can't use a where clause or parameters because that restricts the
search bar, since criteria there would just add to the original sql.
But by using the programming trick of creating a string list and
adding the criteria to it (with CTL.form.edit=some string) and using
ReadSearch, I have got it to work just the way I want.

It seems to me that this solution is a hack. There should be some
sort of a "StartCriteria" stringlist property of the tib_query to
handle this. I could just add my search requirement in one line,
close and open the query, which would then clear the property
automatically. Just an idea to consider. Thanks.

Stan Walker