Subject TIB_Date and DatePick enhancements
Author Jason Wharton
> Done. I've just sent the patch to Jason. The improvements are:
> - added a vertical line separating number of the week from the days of the
> - Added doBoldSaturday, doBoldSunday to display in boldface Sundays and/or
> - Day of the week now is 3 letters long.
> - Cells a bit wider to better accommodate bold fonts, number of the week
and 3 letter name of the day.
> - Changed day and lines color to clNavy, today border to clRed (better

I added these changes but in the form of properties having default values so
that the control will be exactly the same as it is now. It is not acceptable
to me to implement changes which will affect an application's appearance and
existing behavior (unless fixing a bug) in significant ways.

If you want all your instances of this to have your defaults instead of the
existing ones I recommend you make your own layer of subclass components.
This is a highly recommended practice anyway so that you will have your own
layer of OOP control of the components you are making extensive use of in
your applications.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ