Subject Re: [IBO] TIB vs. TIBO
Author mmenaz
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> >But why do you think TIB_ controls don't work for data entry? They are
> >wonderful for data entry! I think some people have reasons for wanting to
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> Problem 1
> As mentioned in my other mails. One major drawback was the date edit control.
> The users tend to enter a lot of dates in my application <g>. It is a kind of extended PIM.
> The number of keystrokes to enter dates far too many when compared with the control from woll2woll.
> Marco says he is doing something about this, if he does, big problem one is solved.
Problem (partially) solved. Yesteday I've submitted to Jason a IB_Date improvement.
- If you press spacebar, you get the current date.
- if the date field is empty and you start type, the current date becomse the field content. This works great here in Italy since we have dd/mm/yy date format, so if you have to set only current day, you only type it.
I will study woll2w components a little more...
I've seen their grid... I dont' like it at all... too chaotic.. I think that master-detail(-detail...) editing is a nightmare that way
Just my opinion
Marco Menardi