Subject Re: Re: [IBO] TIB vs. TIBO
Author GK
>But why do you think TIB_ controls don't work for data entry? They are
>wonderful for data entry! I think some people have reasons for wanting to
Problem 1
As mentioned in my other mails. One major drawback was the date edit control.
The users tend to enter a lot of dates in my application <g>. It is a kind of extended PIM.
The number of keystrokes to enter dates far too many when compared with the control from woll2woll.
Marco says he is doing something about this, if he does, big problem one is solved.

>If one likes more elaborate controls to use with the native data access,
>it's well worth investigating Geoff's Enh* controls -
>Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

Even though the price is very reasonable I dont want to spend anything on this unless I try hands on with the date time picker.
The help file which is the only thing which is downloadable is not much help.

Problem 2
A neat data entry and display screen with for a Master -> Detail -> SubDetail.
Right now I am working on making it work with woll2woll's grid which has a editable hierarchical grid.

It does not have to be a hierarchical grid. But I cannot design a neat master -> Detail -> Sub Detail entry / Display screen with the IB_ components. I am open to
suggestions on this one. Even a screen shot of such a thing would help me move in the right direction. A sample application would be great.

Problem 3.
I dont like data entry in grids where the user has to scroll the screen. So obviously I would have to use something like the control grid. But this has no header and I
dont like to use that grid without a header.

As and aside. I am new to Delphi, IB. Is using a control grid heavy on resources. That is if the control grid has 7 controls and 4 rows on screen and the number of
records is say 20, what would be the max number of controls created.

Problem 4.
Well , This is only going to be a problem at a later date or it is really a design issue which i can work my way out off. but I still have this problem with how to
change screens dynamically. That is is user 1 logs in he sees a different screen. If user 2 logs in he sees a different screen. Not really a road block at this point in

TIA for any help suggestions.