Subject Re: [IBO] Faster Datapump from FoxPro/Paradox to Firebird
Author H.Klomann
Hi Enrico,

there are several things you can do, to accelerate data import:

* Dont use TTable for that, use TIB_Dsql with paramas for that !

* Dont use autocommit ! A commit after each insert will be dead slow.
Makeing a commit after 1000 rows, or after importing all the data is much better.

* Deactivating the indexes on your destination tables will speed up the process.

* You may consider to export your Foxpor/Paradox tables as ASCII and than use the TIB_Import
component for this stuff. It´s easy to setup (see TIB_Import.pas notes for that)


Enrico Raviglione schrieb:
> Hi to all,
> i must import into a new Firebird DB all the old data stored into a FoxPro
> or Paradox table.
> I have a procedure with a TIB_Cursor and a TTable for make this and all work
> fine but the process are very slow, an example:
> for a table of only 630 record and 15 columns an Athlon 700Mhz in cpLocal
> connection work about 2 minutes!!
> Can i accelerate the process?
> I must import some large table (about 200MB) for every installation and at
> this speed it's very frustrating...
> Regards,
> Enrico Raviglione
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