Subject Re: [IBO] Question about transactions
Author Jason Wharton
If there is an exception anywhere in the process (assuming the SP is called
in triggers) then the whole request will be cancelled. It is like a
sub-transaction in a transaction when you are using server-side execution of
things. This feature alone makes InterBase a gem in the database world. The
lack of this capability in other databases requires that they actually
implement sub-transactions. InterBase doesn't need them because of this.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Question about transactions

> Hello:
> I have a stored procedure that is triggered by adding a record to a
> table. The stored procedure adds/updates several support records in
> other tables when a record is added.updated in the main table. My
> question is this: Do I need to start an explicit transaction or will
> the default transaction insure that nothing gets posted if there is
> an error adding/updating one of the support records.
> Thanks