Subject Re: [IBO] installing ibo4
> Each time when I reinstall IBO, by opening IBO40_C5 and starting building from the top, I get errors "unable to get package import xxxx.bpi". When I reach to the end of packages, these messages get fewer. At the end everything installs OK, but it's very annoying to hit Cancel 20 times and hope that I don't hit one too many and cancel compiling.


> Am I doing somthing wrong here or could the installation part be improved? There are lot's of components in market that even come with installer and all I have to do is run Setup and hit Next couiple of times.

Not a lot - Builder has the problem ( and it's still in
Builder 6 ! )

The work around until you have a set of run time .bpi's is
to right click on each runtine library, and compile it
manually. Once the .bpi's exist, then you can do a <Build

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services