Subject Calculated field column total?
Author Paul Hope

I want to display a total of a calculated field for a read only dataset
displayed in a grid. I could fire off another query on the server asking it
to recalculate a total every time a row changes in the displayed dataset -
but this seems very inefficient.

What I was hoping to do is in CalculateField
subtract ARow.ByName('MyCalculatedField').asCurrency from my total
calculate the new value of MyCalculatedField
add the new value to my total

Unfortunately reading the calculated field value before it is set doesn't
work. It seems to return the value it had calculated for the previous row.

I have also tried summing the field values in the buffer (having set
Fetchall to true) but I havn't found an appropriate event to attach this
to - 'AfterRefresh' would be nice.

Any Ideas?