Subject RE: help
Author Gerald W. McCaig - Efi Soft
Hi Jason,

I have a question, in regards to the IBO Query & Transaction...

My application has a screen where you can create a new record, and then
multiple detail items under that record. So, I am running two transactions
on two queries. I am having a problem though. I am only committing the
changes to the detail right before I commit the changes to the master
record. The problem is, if I add a few items, then begin adding
another...but made a mistake...and need to cancel the current one or delete
one that was in error, the record still shows open and also posts when I
commit the transaction.

Let me give you a brief code overview, and maybe you can tell me where I am
going wrong...


if not MasterTrn.InTransaction then

if not DetailQry.InTransaction then

[if Detail OK] DetailQry.ApplyUpdates;
[if Detail Cancel] DetailQry.CancelUpdates;
[if Detail Delete] DetailQry.Delete;
[When Master is Posted]...
if DetailQry.InTransaction then


If MasterQry.InTransaction then
[When Master is Canceled]...
if DetailQry.InTransaction then


If MasterQry.InTransaction then

So, for example: I create a Master Record, I add 6 Items,
but two of them were canceled during entry, when I save
the Master, all 6 get recorded. I know that if I commit
the transaction after each detail item that it will solve
this problem, but it creates another problem because it
doesn't rollback the six records automatically if I cancel
the Master.

Any ideas? Please.