Subject Re: [IBO] TIB vs. TIBO
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 07:07 PM 26-02-02 +0500, GK wrote:

>Yes I understand the c/s paradigm fairly well.
>But now the question is how many use TIB_ native for display and TIBO for
>data entry.
>If this is the normal scheme of things with most people I volunteer to
>spend my time and share my effort for making IB_ work for data entry.
>Maybe we should start
>a small team for that.

A laudable offer...and obviously made in good heart.

But why do you think TIB_ controls don't work for data entry? They are
wonderful for data entry! I think some people have reasons for wanting to
stick fast to the TDatasource-compatible controls. Artur, for example,
wants to keep his back-end database options open; others have a big
investment in expensive third-party controls and sometimes a legacy user
base of folk who want to stick with a "desktoppish" style of application
more than they want a fast, efficient, server-centric interface. I think
one of the beauties of IBO is that it's so eminently possible to "have your
cake and eat it too".

If one likes more elaborate controls to use with the native data access,
it's well worth investigating Geoff's Enh* controls -

For my own work, I use TIB_* data-aware controls almost exclusively. You
are not born until you discover the power of native IBO searching! To heck
with "noisy" controls that loop through datasets - in native IBO, the
datasets do their own walking and the controls do what the datasets tell
them. :))

I confess to being a QuickReport stalwart (I have several generations of QR
descendants that I don't want to part from) so I use TIBOQuery to back-end
those, and that wonderful AssignSQLWithSearch() method to pass data across
to it. My IBOQueries happily hook into the IB_Connection that the rest of
the application uses.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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