Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOTable Access Violations when Using set ranges
Hello Jason,

I have investigated it and we discussed this issue some
eight months ago. One way or another a stamp has to be
associated with the TIBOQueries indicating last time an
table UPDATE was issued since the start of a TRANSACTION,
this flag to be checked on a ROLLBACK forcing a (SQL) REFRESH
or not and to be reset after either a ROLLBACK or COMMIT.

I know it still won't be absolute perfect, but probably
quite a bit better than waiting for all open TIBOQueries
to ROLLBACK and refreshing their SQL Queries.

Best regards


Jason Wharton wrote:
> > U mean the TIBOSAMPLE showing SQL Refreshes of
> > all tables in a TransRollBack, was a mess and you tossed it.
> I made no specific reference to it. Your item is very high on the list. The
> only things that have taken priority over it are things that other people
> have sent, along with the changes in the IBO code to resolve it.
> This person seemed to be in an emergency state. An AV as opposed to a
> performance issue elicit a different level of priority in my book. Out of
> respect for people who are in your position (waiting for a fix) I demanded
> they streamline it for your sake. I'm not happy about getting bit for that.
> I have so far been unable to figure out what to do for your issue. It should
> only be doing a refresh on datasets which actually had an update of some
> kind performed (or a DML cache item processed). This much I have tested and
> proven effective. Your issue is something a bit more unusual that I need
> more time with.
> > Oh Well :(
> If you are festering on something I'd suggest your energies would be much
> better spent investigating as much as you can about your issue and passing
> on what you discover to us here. If for no other reason than to keep it more
> in the forefront of my mind.
> Regards,
> Jason Wharton
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