Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOTable Access Violations when Using set ranges
Author Jason Wharton
> U mean the TIBOSAMPLE showing SQL Refreshes of
> all tables in a TransRollBack, was a mess and you tossed it.

I made no specific reference to it. Your item is very high on the list. The
only things that have taken priority over it are things that other people
have sent, along with the changes in the IBO code to resolve it.

This person seemed to be in an emergency state. An AV as opposed to a
performance issue elicit a different level of priority in my book. Out of
respect for people who are in your position (waiting for a fix) I demanded
they streamline it for your sake. I'm not happy about getting bit for that.

I have so far been unable to figure out what to do for your issue. It should
only be doing a refresh on datasets which actually had an update of some
kind performed (or a DML cache item processed). This much I have tested and
proven effective. Your issue is something a bit more unusual that I need
more time with.

> Oh Well :(

If you are festering on something I'd suggest your energies would be much
better spent investigating as much as you can about your issue and passing
on what you discover to us here. If for no other reason than to keep it more
in the forefront of my mind.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ