Subject Two Questions - gotocurrent and protocal
Author rodbracher

Two questions - the one problem led to another.
Using D5 IBO 4.2Eg I found using tibotable customer.gotocurrent
(another_tibo_customer_table) at that line of code the app would
freeze up. So I changed this to findkey and it worked fine ( I
checked back an forth a few times to check this ). I thought 4.2G
would have the problem solved, so having loaded this I found
gotocurrent AND findkey froze up. Not liking to downgrade I looked
deeper and found that although my app was running over the network I
had the tibodatabase.protocal set to local. So I changed this to
Second problem. If I change the protocal I get the message 'Unable to
comlete network request to host "server"' with path =

I tried the ip number with same result. So I can only connect to my
network db with my protocal on local. Is this how it should be ?
If so - any ideas on the first error.( Another app we have running
out in the field also have 'freezing' problems until I changed
to 'findkey'. Now I dont want to rebuild that project with 4.2G just
incase my findkeys also cause a freeze

Thanks - Rod