Subject Re: [IBO] memo in grid?
Author Paul Hope
Thanks for the quick reply

> Why not using the inbuilt pop-up memo-editor?
> If your column is defined as subtype 1 and EditLinksAutoDefine is set to
> true, you will get this automatically.
> The inline-editor accepts normal text-input, and clicking on the elipsis,
> you get a complete memo with word-wrap, line-breaks and so on....I tend to
> find such a solution more user-friendly than grids with extremely high
I tried it and firstly had a problem - pressing Enter closed it instead of
going to the next line - secondly didn't like the huge size of it - which is
out of proportion to the small amount of text being entered (4 or 5 rows of
up to 20 characters). Also I assume that when the cell doesn't have focus
only the first row is visible where I want 4 rows to be visible.