Subject Re: [IBO] IBO / Office question
Author Daniel Rail
At 22/02/2002 02:31 PM, you wrote:
> I just answered that a office application isn't the same as a database
> application. Just like you can't use Excel to make a database
> with. But of course he's expecting a solution, what should I do ?

Well, you have two options:

Option No. 1:

Use TOLEContainer component to be able to use Word as an editor. You can
use the SaveToFile and LoadFromFile methods to save and load the object and
do whatever is needed to save and load the OLE object to/from the database.

Option No.2:

This option might be simpler, but more expensive(if you don't have it). It
would be to use Infopower's TwwDBRichEdit component. This component
permits to incorporate OLE Objects into the rich text document(i.e. Excel
Spreadsheet). Also, they have another DBRichEdit component that uses
Word's spell checker. For this you would need to use the TDataset
descendant. But it wouldn't be that bad anyway, since you'll only need it
to return one field.

Take your pick. If you don't want to invest the money in Infopower, then
you'll have to experiment with option no.1.

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