Subject Re: [IBO] IBO and DevExpress
Author Leonardo Mozachi Neto
Costas, Luiz, Artur, Nando and Lester,

Thank you all !!

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>Yes, it works provided you use the TIBO components

>I don't use QuantumGrid, but The TIBOXXXX staff is descendant from tdataset
and must
>to work.

>Yes, use the TDataset descendanst (TIBO...).

>the TDataSet-comaptible components work perfetly with the QuantumGrid,
>but be aware that that grid has the potential to bring every
>connectivity package to its knees, especially if you use it in
>LoadAllRecors mode (which is required for almost all the advanced
>Using a buffered dataset with a QuantumGrid in LoadAllRecords mode will
>double the required memory, take more time to download the data and fire
>an enormous amount of dataset events (like AfterScroll) in the process.
>In addition, QuantumGrid features like Excel-style filtering and
>grouping are executed in memory and substantially defeat IBO's smart
>filtering/locating which is much more Client/server friendly.
>On the other hand, the QuantumGrid has a nice look and feel. ;-)
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> Does IBO works with DevExpress libraries, specially QuantumGrid?
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