Subject Re: [IBO] IBO and DevExpress
Author Nando Dessena

> Having an application 'eating' twice of the memory need for a buffering dataset is really not important to me, if that dataset is small. (If it is not, I always think that a user don't need to use a very large dataset in a grid online. My question is: why a user will need a grid with 2,000 records? Will he work with that grid? The answer for this question is something like: yes, he will work, but no need to be 'online'. It's a kind of Grid that it's better 'workable' in excel, for example. [Developer Express is quite Good on exporting Data - they have methods like Grid.SaveToXls or Grid.SaveToHTML].

my users tend to like the grouping functions. Unfortunately, to group in
a meaningful way you have to retrieve many records. They do it at their
risk, of course.