Subject Re: [IBO] IBO and DevExpress
> Personnaly, I'm using always TDataset descendants. (If i need to port my appl to other DB, the work it's faster this way). If you are using IB_Grid you are working just for FB-IB/IBO. (That's why it was easy to me to change my appls to IBO the first time). I use TIB_ components a lot, but I put all of them in a place that I can take control and change them when I want to.

I'm not limited by that. All my customers NOW use Firebird
exclusively <g> and we have eliminated their other
databases. ( I've got one customer left who still has an
Access application, which no longer works because their IT
department up-graded to Access 2000 - They have asked me to
do a Firebird version rather than fix the Access one! )

> Another important parameter in this choice: IBO TDataset descendants are very good are very powerfull.

As long as you know the limits - they are excellent.

> If IBO could connect to other Databases perhaps I will re-think again about my choice.

Presonally I don't see that as a requirement, but what I
have seen under the cover would suggest that it's also
likely to be difficult. Although SQL is supposed to be
'standard' so you never know.

> It's a kind of Grid that it's better 'workable' in excel, for example. [Developer Express is quite Good on exporting Data - they have methods like Grid.SaveToXls or Grid.SaveToHTML].

Exporting is certainly an area of interest, but I don't see
a need to do it from the grid. That said, I just export the
dataset connected to the grid.

> Portability answered to your question?

That is a reason for using TDataset, but I would still be
interested if there any facilities that are missing from
IB_Grid for those of use who do not have that restriction.

> (Sorry for my english)

It's better than mine is sometime and I only speak english.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services