Subject Re: [IBO] Effect of Database size
Author Svein Erling Tysvær

> I have two DBs, identical format, from different clients. One is about 8 MB
> and the other is about 17MB.
> Two of the tables in the DB have primary keys and indexes placed on the same
> tables. That is, for the History table, I have the primary key on two fields
> and a composite index on these two fields. On the other table, called
> Records, I have a single primary key on one field and on this same field I
> have also an index.
[Small db OK, "large" db not working satisfactorily]
> Now the question is very simple. I am in trouble if the size of the DB has
> an impact. (I refuse outright to accept this possibility).

I don't think the size is the problem for you - after all, both your
databases would be considered small for a client/server database (I
think I read on one list (ib-support?) about a db of 192 Gb some time

Your problem is much more likely something completely different. It is
hard to say what it is, because you don't give us much information -
nothing about version of IBO, IB/Firebird, how you connect etc.

One thing puzzles me, though. You say you have indexes on key columns. I
think IB (and possibly FB) can be confused if given the possibility to
select between several indexes. So if your indexes equal your primary
key (which is indexed automatically), get rid of your indexes.