Subject SelectedBookmarks and SelectAll Problem
Author mircostange
Hi Everyone,

My application displays the results of a query in a TIB_Grid control.
The user can select (mark) rows either with the grid's Ctrl+Click
feature or press some button to select all rows (which calls SelectAll
After that, the user can perform various operations on the selected
rows, e.g delete them. The code for this is pretty straight forward:

s := TStringList.create();
for i := 0 to s.count-1 do begin
q.Bookmark := s.strings[i];
{ do whatever ... }

However, the problem with this approach seems to be that if the user
selects all rows directly when the app is started (i.e. without
scrolling through the grid), selectedBookmarks returns an empty list.

Is this a known issue? Any workarounds?