Subject tib_grid performance
Author stanw1950
I have a tib_query linked to a tib_grid. The query has two ordering
items and ordering links (orderingitems = flda=fielda, fldb=fieldb;
orderinglinks=fielda=item=1, fieldb=item=2). The screen displays the
current record in edit boxes in a panel with a tib_grid showing about
20 records below that. The user needs to see many records with the
ability to scroll.

The problem is the performance. When I first bring up the screen and
click the last button in the navigator bar, I get a "fetching query
results" dialog box. When I click on the title of the other column in
the grid to re-order, I get the same dialog box. If I add the POS=0
to either or both orderinglinks, then I will get a "fieldname not
found" error when I try to sort on the other column. The POS=0 works
when there is only one orderingitem.

I have tried using schemacache, but that doesn't work. The bde
version works well. Changing the user interface is not an option. I
have asked this question before, but have received no answers for
multiple orderinglinks. It doesn't seem right that the bde does
something so much better that ibobjects. Thanks in advance for any
suggestions. (Delphi6,

Stan Walker