Subject Re: [IBO] Interbase or Firebird
> I am running Interbase 6.

You have our comiserations <g>

> I have been seeing all the posts about
> Firebird. Which is better? Should I be running Firebird?

Seriously. I am using Firebird 0.9.4 in production on all my
sites now. Since changing many remaining niggles have simply
evaporated. I used to use ( and Licence ) Interbase 5.6, but
it was never totally stable, The only problem with Interbase
6 will be, will you have to pay to use 6.5 and later
versions. Firebird will always be free, and so you do not
have to worry - first production version ( which I think
should be FB7 ! ) will be out soon, but the existing
releases are fine.

I will not be bothering to download any Interbase versions
in future.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services