Subject Pessimistic record locking
Author Don Schoeman
I'm trying to get the pessimistic record locking scheme to work using IBO.
I'm testing this functionality by running two instances of my test
application with the PessimisticLocking property set to true for the query
(TIB_Query). I'm also setting it's LockWait property to false just in case
it could influence the test.

Here are the steps I'm taking to perform this test:
1) I start editing a record in the first instance of the application.
2) While keeping the dataset in it's edit state I switch to the second
application and start editing the same record.
3) The second application allows me to edit the record without throwing any
4) I commit the transaction in the second application and it still doesn't
give me any errors.
5) When I switch back to the first application and try to commit the
transaction it then gives me a lock conflict error. (Obviously because the
LockWait property is set to True).

Through this test I can see that the pessimistic locking scheme is
completely ignored. Could anyone give any help? I'm using IBO 4.2.Eg with
Interbase 6.01.

Best Regards,
Don Schoeman