Subject Re: [IBO] IB_LookupCombo and SearchAlways.
Author eric_marchettifr
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> >Is it possible to apply a searchalways property to a
> >and how.
> >
> >Can Anybody help me to change the ibobjects code to insert the
> >property SearchAlways into a ib_lookupcombo ?
> The component already functions this way by design. Can you
explain what it is that you want to do?
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I try to explain better.

Example : With a IB_Query in dssBrowse state and a IB_Edit with
property [SearchAlways] set to true, when user type text in the
IB_Edit the IB_Query stay in dssBrowse and IB_Edit stay in dssSearch.
So the user can prepare a query with a IB_Query always in dssBrowse
and the user always see the criteria.

I don't see the property [SearchAlways] in IB_LookupCombo.

I think you explain me that IB_LookupCombo are always in search mode
for the detail dataset. Yes but with the property [SearchAlways] I
want IB_LookupCombo always stay in search mode as if the user put the
master dataset in search mode manually.

Sorry for my bad english.