Subject Re: [IBO] Sub-Selects and calculated fields
Author Geoff Worboys (TeamIBO)
> Now changing the dataset brings up the Message
> "Fieldname BRANCH.BRANCHID not found" when posting it.
> Is there another way to avoid this message than not
> to use calculated fields in queries with sub-selects?

I think this is probably a result of a bug in 4.2.Fr (and Fp).

In IBA_Dataset.IMP...

procedure TIB_Dataset.KeyToChildAction( AAction: TIB_KeyChildAction;
Info: longint );
//TIB_Row( Info ).Values[ tmpVals ] :=
// TIB_BDataset( ADataset ).Lookup(
// tmpKeyVals,
// TIB_Row( Info ).Values[ tmpKeyFlds ], tmpFlds );
TIB_Row( Info ).Values[ tmpVals ] :=
TIB_BDataset( ADataset ).Lookup(
TIB_Row( Info ).Values[ tmpKeyVals ], tmpFlds );

It is just that the tmpKeyFlds and tmpKeyVals were reversed in the
call the Lookup. Apply the above change and rebuild IBO and think
that should resolve your problem.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing