Subject Re: [IBO] (IBO) IBO v. 4 and C++, DCU-Download?
> Maybe I am the only person, who is waiting on the DCU-package for
> cpp-builder (5)...

Are we talking 'Evaluation Version'?
If so then Jason must deal with it, and he will be back
on-line when he gets back from his Grandfather's funeral
Wednesday or so.
Distribution of the Builder versions is nor difficult to
control, and in the past, Jason actually supplied the full
version for Builder evaluation - but I think that has now
been sorted, but obviously not completely.

> 3 Questions:
> A) Is it possible to use IBO without it?
> B) How?
> C) When (approximately) will the DCU-package be available (if I really nedd
> it --> Question A)?

If we are not talking 'Evaluation Version', the package
install is working correctly.

( Builder6 has just dropped through the door, but it will be
the weekend before I can actually look at it <g> )

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services