Subject Re: [IBO] Error filtering TIBO* on boolean Fields
Author Artur Anjos
I think you must change that Field from Boolean to Char again, or change the visual component (if you have the sources). There is no Boolean Fields in IB, and what you are using it's an IBO feature that emulates Booelan Fields at the client side.

So, don't set the Field to be Boolean will be the most simple way.

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Subject: R: [IBO] Error filtering TIBO* on boolean Fields

Hi Daniel,
this work fine.
But i have a visual component (very user friendly) on my form who write the
filter property form me (and for my client) and this component don't like an
expression of this type:

BooleanField = 'character'

Enrico Raviglione.

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At 18/02/2002 12:38 PM, you wrote:
>i try to do a filter a TIBOTable/Query on Boolean Fields.
>In my Table UTENTI i have the Boolean Field PERSGIU, on Interbase i have
>defined it as D_BOOLEAN --> CHAR(1)
>In TIB_Connection i have set ColumnAttributes with D_BOOLEAN=BOOLEAN=T,F
>then in FieldEditor i see my Field as TBooleanField.
>When i set the TIBOTable Filter property with "PERSGIU = True" the SQL
>sended to the server are:

Write your filter the same way as it would be written in a WHERE
clause. This is how it is designed.

In other words, set the TIBOTable.Filter with " PERSGIU='T' ".

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