Subject Re: [IBO] Error filtering TIBO* on boolean Fields
Author Daniel Rail
At 18/02/2002 12:38 PM, you wrote:
>i try to do a filter a TIBOTable/Query on Boolean Fields.
>In my Table UTENTI i have the Boolean Field PERSGIU, on Interbase i have
>defined it as D_BOOLEAN --> CHAR(1)
>In TIB_Connection i have set ColumnAttributes with D_BOOLEAN=BOOLEAN=T,F
>then in FieldEditor i see my Field as TBooleanField.
>When i set the TIBOTable Filter property with "PERSGIU = True" the SQL
>sended to the server are:

Write your filter the same way as it would be written in a WHERE
clause. This is how it is designed.

In other words, set the TIBOTable.Filter with " PERSGIU='T' ".

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