Subject Setting the component descendant
I am not sure, if this is not little bit off topic:

I decided to make my own descendants of some IBO components. In
constructor I wrote something like this:

constructor TMyIBQuery.Create (AOwner: TComponent);
if csDesigning in ComponentState then begin
SomeProperty := True;
OtherProperty := False;

This was to change the defaults of some properties and avoid tweaking
the component every time I drop it on the form. But there is
undesireable side effect: when I changed the property to other value in
the designer and after a while reopened the form in the designer again,
the constructor set the property back.

The question is, how to solve this to run the part of the constructor
only once, when dropping the component on the form? Or is there another
way? I do not want to rewrite the IBO source as this should be done with
every new IBO release again and again.

Thanks, Ales