Subject Re: [IBO] Problem updating IBOBJECTS 4.2
Author pepmallorca
> Pepe,
> I've looked at the current eval kit and IB_Constants.pas does
appear to be missing.
> Jason has just returned from overseas so, until he can get to it,
please DELETE the IB_Constants.DCU that came in the DCU pack and get
this source file to replace it:
> I suggest that you start afresh:
> - unzip the DCU pack into a cleaned IBO root directory
> - delete IB_Constants.DCU
> - unzip the pack into the same IBO root
> - download the IB_Constants.pas unit into the same IBO root
> I'm reluctant to update the Eval pack myself, as Jason builds
things according to his own local tree and I don't want to break

I did all you say and it's perfect !!!!
It compiles and works....


When I try to use my 'application', better if I say my 'test-
application', I get this error:

File not found: IBDataset.dcu

I searched in all my hard-disk and only appears this file in the old
installation of IBOBJECTS.

Another file that has dissapeared ?????

Where can I get it?