Subject Re: [IBO] Problem updating IBOBJECTS 4.2
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 04:03 PM 16-02-02 +0000, pepemallorca wrote:
>I would want update the version of IBOBJECTS (version 4.2) (version
>I have read the but I have found
>1) The typical error IB_Constants.pas I think solved
>2) It can't find the IB_PARSE.DCU.
> It can't find the IB_COMPONENTS.DCU
>3) If I copied this files of the IB04_D5_DCU.zips it gives me the
>Unit IB_Components was compiled with a different version of
>¡¡¡ I'm stopped !!!
>!!! For now I wan't any IB_Constants.pas (the language is not
>important know !!! (best spanish of english) and his associated

I've looked at the current eval kit and IB_Constants.pas does appear to be missing.

Jason has just returned from overseas so, until he can get to it, please DELETE the IB_Constants.DCU that came in the DCU pack and get this source file to replace it:

I suggest that you start afresh:
- unzip the DCU pack into a cleaned IBO root directory
- delete IB_Constants.DCU
- unzip the pack into the same IBO root
- download the IB_Constants.pas unit into the same IBO root

I'm reluctant to update the Eval pack myself, as Jason builds things according to his own local tree and I don't want to break anything...

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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