Subject tib_query with tib_grid problems
Author stanw1950
I've set up a tib_query with the ordering items:

and the ordering links:

The tib_grid is linked to the tib_query's datasource and display
about 20 records at a time. I initialize orderingitem to 1. When I
just click between the two titles, the grid data appears to sort ok.
When I go to the end of the dataset (with the navigator bar) and then
click on the other title for the other sort order an error comes
up "FieldName LOCATION (or DRAWING_NUMBER if clicking on that title)
not found". I can also get the error by clicking rows in the grid and
going back and forth, but the title,eof,other title always gets the
error. If I remove the POS=0 in the LOCATION ordering link, then I do
not get the error, but then the performance is bad. When clicking the
location title I will get the "fetching query results" dialog box. I
know from another form in my app (that only has one ordering link)
that the POS=0 makes a major difference in performance when a grid
displays a lot of rows. What can I do about this problem? (Delphi 6,
Ibo Thanks in advance.

ps. Helen - I got the email - thanks.