Subject Re: [IBO] Is IB_Cursor really faster than IB_Query if joins involved?
Author Lucas Franzen

How did you define the KeyLinks?
Do they differ in the IB_Cursor and the IB_Query?

I experienced that a moving through a result set of a storedproc (with
returning just 100 records) lasted 1 minute when I had the keyLionks
defined on my own (according to the unique key of the select); when
setting it to AutoDefine it was fast again ....


mmenaz schrieb:
> (IBO 4.2Fr, Firebird RC2)
> Hi, I've a SQL with 4 table joins (one of them is a stored procedure), and since I use it for a report, I'm using a IB_Cursor, that should be faster and use less resources.
> But, if I enter the SQL in the IB_Cursor editor, click prepare, then open and then click last, it takes, for instance, 10 seconds (I can hear IB_Cursor brain crunching ;).
> If I do the same with a IB_Query, clicking on open it fills the grid in a snap (at it should, since the result set is only of 30 records).
> Am I missing something?
> Thanks
> Marco Menardi