Subject Re: [IBO] SP running two times !!!
Author Burak ÖZLER
Hi Geoff;

I remove the SP call funcs from datasets and remove all the IB_updatebar
componenet from the code and I put standart buttons to the for update,
delete, cancel. I'm handling the events my self and there is no problem any

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Subject: Re: [IBO] SP running two times !!!

> > I'm using D5 and IB Native Fl The stiation is I'm calling two SP's
> > before delete of a TIB_Query component. But It works TWO times and I
> > get an err msg from my SP naturally. I work for a night to find the
> > problem but I can't.
> > I'm calling Commitretaining onafterdelete Maybe this helps...
> Try removing that call and see if the problem goes away. It may well
> be a timing issue relating to the state of the dataset (since commit
> will attempt to post call changes the posted state of the dataset in
> the OnAfterDelete event may not have been reset).
> Various work arounds are possible - although the question remains as
> to why you are calling commitretaining in this event. If all changes
> should be autocommited then use autocommit, otherwise setup the
> process in code.
> If you cannot work out the functionality you require post more detail
> about what you are doing and how you want it to work.
> > I have running time problem with IBO; Jason any solution for the
> > CalculateAllFields property?
> No fix has been applied to this particular issue yet. If/When a fix
> will happen I do not know. I still recommend NOT using
> CalculateAllFields, instead setup your CalculateField to test for
> specific changes. And where this is inappropriate I am confident we
> can find a work around.
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