Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Etiquette
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Geoff wrote:
>>I would point out that - by using the digest - you are actually
>>experiencing the opposite probem. You messages always appear as new
>>topic even when responding to a previous message. For example your
>>prior post: "[IBO] Re: How to improve performance of IBO." is not
>>being threaded either - which makes it more difficult to see the rest
>>of the thread to which you were responding. At least your posts are
>>not getting lost amongst the previous messages.

and then Peter answered:
>Ohmigosh - I'd better stick to lurking :>)

This is not a problem at all. I only use, and simply check
the headers of all new threads before replying. It is much more confusing
when different subjects mingle within the same thread. Far too often they
even appear in more or less random order, requiring a "manual brain sort".

And now it's my turn to mix things, answering a completely different
subject within the same mail (Re: Syntax, by Peter):

>I have to say that your command of what is presumably not your native
>language is remarkable.

Thanks. Norwegian (bokmaal) is my native language. Most Norwegians
understand English pretty well, but I guess having spent three years
studying Computation at UMIST (in Manchester, UK) gives me a slight
advantage. I do notice that I've forgotten quite a bit since I graduated
ten years ago, so it was nice to hear that my "Norwegian accent" isn't all
too audible when writing.