Subject [IBO] How to improve performance of IBO.
Author Mirko's
I have completed the convertion of my programs from BDE to IBO
components and i have no problem of funtionality but my application
now are slowest(realy slowest).
In my applications I do a great number of select of few record
and in some cases unsing always the same TIBOQuery component,
closing it and setting every time a new sql statement.
In past Jason tell me that IBO aren't optimized for this type of usage
but I would like to know if there is something that i can do in order
to increase performance.
Why BDE, in this case, are faster then IBO, even BDE must
connect to the server in order to execute the statement.
I use Delphi4, IBO4.2Fn and FireBird RC2.
Thanks and sorry for my english.
Mirko Guidolin

ps. I can't use IB_ component.