Subject Strange behaviour of numeric fields.
Author bobzirbel
Hi all.

I am using D5 with IB and IBO.
I have declared numeric columns in tables as Decimal(18,2). In a
IBOTable or IBOquery, the fields are set as Currency.

When entering a value of 11,000,000.34 via DBEdit connected to a
TIBOTable, the value is changed to 11,000,000.33! Anything less than
10,000,000 works correctly.

It doesn't seem to be IB as I can Update a record and the value is
correct. It also shows correctly in the DBEdit until you edit the
value and exit the field. It then changes to 11,000,000.33!

I have discovered that this problem exists on all numeric fields
connected to a DBEdits. I thought it might be the display width
value as it was set at 10 but the problem persists even when the
display value is set at 20.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.