Subject Re: [IBO] Creating Database tables and columns by program
> >From within a program I need to
> 1) Add columns to an existing table.
> The most pressing problem is 1), I believe the SQL
> statement is

IB_Script - just put the SQL in and execute it.

> 2) Create Database tables.

As above - look at the samples, Jason creates all the new
tables he needs 'On the fly'

> 3) Alter an IB_query to disconnect from one table and
> connect to another.

Just change the IB_Connection entry in IB_Query. You will
need both databases connected to different IB_Connection
components. Alternative is just change the

> 4) Dynamically create IB_query's and IB_datasources.

Not something I do myself - I use Builder anyway.

> If anyone can recommend a book or better still send me
> some code I would appreciate it. for the SQL stuff

ANY of the samples in the IBO directory

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services