Subject Re: [IBO] dataset cannot scroll
Author admforum

The lookup part of your explenation did it! Thanks.


--- In IBObjects@y..., Geoff Worboys (TeamIBO) <geoff@t...> wrote:
> > I get the message 'dataset cannot scroll' when I click on a row
in a
> > TIB_GRID (which is not the current row. Also the navigator-bar
> > grayed out.
> > Can someone explain when this behaviour occurs? I know that I've
> > changed something but can't seem to revert it.
> This error occurs when...
> The dataset is busy (refreshing, updating etc)
> When you say it cant scroll in an OnGetCanScroll event handler
> When attempting to scroll a lookup dataset that cant change
> because the main dataset is not in a suitable state
> I think that covers it.
> If the above does not help post the details of the callstack from
> the error occurs.
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